Videography Services

Videography Services

Legal video services provided by D&R Reporting and Video can be a powerful tool during trials, capturing attention in a way that reading from transcripts simply can’t provide.

Video depositions also offer law firms and attorneys benefits during the trial preparation stage. Using a certified legal video specialist can help firms produce useful, impactful testimony with the necessary integrity and professionalism demanded by the rules of civil procedure.

Legal Video Services for Your Case
Video depositions demonstrate the direct impact of events on a person’s life as a result of his or her experiences and injuries. Of course, any type of depositions should always present the witness’s own words. However, when jurors and judges are able to actually see and hear the witness recounting events in a video testimony, the impact can be more persuasive than testimony read from a transcript.

When preparing their witnesses, firms using video depositions will get to see how clients will perform during the trial, providing an opportunity for more guidance and preparation beforehand. On the flipside, law firms using video testimony may also, unwittingly, be forcing opposing counsel to prepare witnesses differently. When more than just witnesses’ words will be on display, attorneys need to be mindful of delays in responding, facial expressions and emotional cues that simply don’t translate in a printed transcript.

Video depositions also record opposing counsel’s actions and objections in context, which can be more impactful during a trial; and can force more professional and courteous behavior toward witnesses being deposed.

Video Depositions From D&R Reporting and Video
Creating meaningful, effective deposition videos is about more than simply turning on a video camera and pointing it at the witness being deposed.

At D&R Reporting and Video, we understand the importance of leveraging the most current technology and using video editing techniques to make an impact. Attorneys and law firms can also rest assured that our certified legal video specialists understand the rules of civil procedure.

In addition to recording depositions, our videographers are experienced in capturing demonstrative video evidence; filming countless hours of hazmat-related footage for playback within the courtroom.
  • Broadcast Quality Light Sensitive Camera 16 to 1 zoom Lens 
  • Depositions, Arbitration's, Court Room Playback, Videoconferencing, Witness Preparation, Mock Trials and Living Wills 
  • Multi-camera(special request) 
  • Any Format 
  • Conversion from any format to any format 
  • Professional Backdrops(if requested) 
  • Professional Lighting(if requested) 
  • Lavalier Microphones for Counsel and Witness 
  • Editing 
  • Video/Transcript Synchronization 
  • Video to CD or DVD
  • Video and Exhibit Linking 
  • Seven day a week availability

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Using video in depositions, arbitration and trials is more important than ever. Legal video depositions have the power to capture interest and influence opinions. At D&R Reporting and Video, our professional video services will add impact and effectively improve your case.
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