Court Reporters

Court Reporters

D&R Reporting and Video are the leaders in providing the services lawyers need to succeed in their work. They have a commitment to remaining ahead of the trends that are shaping the field, offering the technology that can help lawyers serve their clients better.

    *Court Reporters: Certified in Oklahoma & Arkansas
    *Registered Professional Reporters 
    *Registered Merit Reporters 
    *Certified Real Time Reporters 
    *Daily Copy Teams 

    *Regular Delivery(7-10 calendar days) 
    *Expedited Delivery(as you need it) 
    *Instant and Daily Delivery 
    *Real Time Translation 
    *Real Time Broadcast to Internet 
    *Disks in any Format

Looking for a real time court reporter for your next deposition? Need a videographer? Does your deposition require a court reporter knowledgeable in handling multi-party, multi-venue, complicated cases?

D&R Reporting and Video will have you covered anywhere across the globe. Plus, complimentary conference rooms at our offices.

For more than 28 years D&R Reporting and Video has remained focused on providing the most experienced, technically trained reporters in the industry and delivering the related technology and services to make your depositions and hearings run smoothly.  We also have court reporters that can help you with introducing exhibits electronically.

Schedule a deposition with us today. Let us show you our commitment to becoming your preferred provider of court reporting and related services.
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