When preparing for trial, you have a lot of moving pieces to coordinate and manage. D&R Reporting and Video offers a full array of convenient, cost-effective discovery deposition services to support you, giving you more time to work on your clients’ cases.

Court Reporting
The importance of preserving testimony accurately, professionally, reliably and efficiently cannot be overstated. Our local court reporting professionals have a national reputation for excellence and quality, giving you peace of mind knowing that your court deposition will be reported correctly.

Live Web Streaming
In our ever-increasing global business climate, live web streaming offers a convenient, cost-effective way to make depositions more effective. D&R Reporting and Video offers a real-time feed — allowing for participation and instant feedback from across town or across the world.

Interpreting and Translation
When you need to depose a witness who doesn’t speak English well, it is critical to use accurate, reliable interpreting and/or translation services. At D&R Reporting and Video, our network of interpreters and translators is made up of only those professionals with in-depth knowledge, expertise and language proficiency.

You need accurate, complete and reliable access to written deposition service transcripts, and D&R Reporting and Video provides it. Our professional transcribers will turn audio trial files, tapes or depositions into text format quickly, easily and cost effectively. We offer an online Transcript Order Form to make the process as expedient as possible.

Deposition Suites
D&R Reporting and Video offers professional, comfortable and fully equipped spaces nationwide, making the deposition process as smooth as possible. In addition to providing meeting spaces that can be configured and customized to meet your needs, we supply advanced technology tools, complimentary snacks and water, and dedicated support personnel to ensure you have what you need for your deposition, mediation or arbitration.

Contact D&R Reporting and Video Today
Take some of the stress out of preparing for trial by using any of the convenient deposition services we offer attorneys and law firms. We have the services you need — from file to trial — whether your needs are simple or you need to handle advanced depositions.

To learn more about deposition services, or any of the other ways D&R Reporting and Video can support you, contact us online or call 405-235-4106.
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